Embedded Software Solutions

The Internet of Things can be challenging to navigate, once you have many things doing many different jobs. Our Twowa platform simplifies management of embedded devices, making them easy to understand and configure in your web browser. Contact us for a technology preview.

We work with you to identify and analyse your IoT and Embedded Software challenges, devise solutions, and implement for you -- with or without Twowa.

Data Acquisition and Forwarding

Twowa Scanner Twowa Scanner is our solution for data aggregation and forwarding, making it trivial for you to detect and collect Bluetooth or other signals. Contact us for licencing details.

Bluetooth Radio Positioning

Twowa Locator Twowa Locator aggregates wireless signals to help you locate other devices, without requiring specialised hardware. It utilises your pre-existing Bluetooth signals to find out where your physical devices are.

Data Analytics

Twowa is focussed on data scanning and aggregation, but we also offer expertise in data analytics, helping you make sense of the data that you are aggregating.