Consulting Services

Software is a key enabler for innovation. No matter whether you need new IoT solutions, insights from Big Data analytics, or analyse and improve your existing software: we can help.


We are specialised in back-end and high-performance software, with extensive experience in embedded software solutions, domain engineering, compiler construction, and artificial intelligence. Our work connects IoT and Cloud solutions and links to your existing software infrastructure.


With every step of innovation, we tackle harder challenges. However, solving a challenge requires understanding it — and this is where we come in. Due to our extensive experience with academic research, we know the ins and outs of finding and answering key questions, the first and most important step towards solving to tomorrow's challenges.

Quality Assessment

No software is perfect. Security risks, poor performance, high resource usage, crashes, and data corruption are common problems. If you are developing or using custom software or building on Open Source solutions, we can help you understand your software's weaknesses. Our extensive experience in software tools, program analysis, and software optimisation allows us to see problems that elude even experienced developers.


The software landscape is in constant flux, and keeping your employees up to date can be a challenge. We offer seminars on a variety of topics, from programming languages, Big Data, and custom libraries to software technology and artificial intelligence.