Software Quality Analysis and Consulting

Writing software is no longer the challenge that it was a few decades ago. But there is a big gap between software that works most of the time and software that is reliable, scalable, and secure.

Using a combination of existing software tools, custom analysis program, and human expertise, we analyse your software system for the quality criteria you care about and give advice for improving any weaknesses that we find:


Does your software do what it is supposed to do? Testing can catch many problems, but not all of them. Only a combination of dynamic tests, static analysis, and human analysis can provide strong confidence about the system's correctness.


If your software handle multiple concurrent users or data loads of varying size, knowing how much it can handle can be vital to your business strategy. We analyse your software's limits, and can often help you find strategies to improve them.


A security breach can bring a business to its knees. While there is no perfect security, we use our decades-long experience in program analysis to help you fortify your software against attacks and security weaknesses.


Software crashes result in dissatisfied customers and poor reviews. We help you identify common bugs and problems in your software and guide you towards improving both your code base and your development processes.